Parisian Flat Untouched for 70 Years

When I read this story I just couldn’t believe it was true. It seems like something out of a dream or a fairy tail. The story goes like this Mrs. de Florian a “demimondaine” (a women supported by a wealthy lover) who owned the flat, left for the South of France before WWII and never returned. She passed away this year at the age of 91,  when her flat in France was discovered, the rent faithfully paid for 70 years. It was as if time had stood still since 1900. In the flat was a painting of her grandmother, the muse of the famous painter Giovanni Boldini. The painting recently sold at auction for $3 million dollars. Oh I just love stories like this, it seems so dream-like. I can’t get enough, the story leaves so many unanswered questions…why not come back for 70 years? Who was your wealthy benefactor? How could no one wonder who owned the flat and where they were? Oh my!!

The Boldini painting of the flat's owners grandmother recently selling at auction for $3million. So incredibly beautiful.

The interior of the untouched Parisian Flat. So beautiful!

Micky Mouse toy dating from before the war.

Incredible story, read the entire story at the UK Telegraph.