christmas, a bit early

Okay, okay I am going to admit it, I don’t like all this Christmas in November stuff! November is for Thanksgiving, to enjoy the beauty of fall, and to spend time reflecting on the immense blessings the Lord has given us. And, just for the record, I think any merchandising for Christmas in October is just tacky. But I know, I know some of you are just planners (I wouldn’t know what that’s like…) and you are wisely thinking ahead at how crazy December gets! So this post goes out to all you early ┬ábird planners. I am going to slowly but surely throughout the month of November introduce new Christmas cards to my collection on Etsy. So here is my first Christmas card…and some inspiration to go along with it! Enjoy!

Want to see more? Find the cards here at my Etsy shop!

Here is some photo inspiration, that reminds me of Christmas and these sweet little cards… Oh, how dreamy these shots of the Nutcracker fitting are…

Fitting The Nutcracker Costumes for New York City Ballet, by Rachel Papo.

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