weekend project – dip dyed candles

I fell in LOVE with these candles, made from melted crayons, when I ran across them a few weeks back. I want make them for our front entry way using the white candles I picked up at Ikea awhile back (best deal ever, they even drip so beautifully!). I have an old farm table that I purchased for our wedding alter that I want to set them on. I think I am going to do coral hues. I can’t wait to get started! I also think this would be a beautiful idea for a wedding center-piece, especially on long banquet tables…Love!

But first I need to go out a-thrifting for a used crock pot. We¬†have a crock pot but I don’t really want to use our eating crock pot for crafting, so once I score a crock pot I be working away on this project. The instructions are fairly easy and available from Martha Stewart. Once I get going on the project I will post photos to Facebook. I am trying to get better about putting work away on the weekends and working on fun projects like this one. I love, what do you think?!

Image from Martha Stewart

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