Wedding Calligraphy

I love, love, love a hand written letter. So when it comes to getting a hand calligraphed invitation I just get so giddy! Why not treat your guests to the same excitement? Having your wedding envelopes hand calligraphed is such a simple way to make your invitations so much more memorable. Here is a sample of what I did with my own recent wedding invitations. I would love to do the same for you, contact me for samples and pricing. Enjoy! xoxo (more…)

Best Friends

Oh how I love this print. I think it would be so darling framed in our “Martha Stewart” blue kitchen. If I get it for Christmas I will be sure to post a photo of it’s new home! (hint. hint. to the mister)… (more…)

Parisian Flat Untouched for 70 Years

When I read this story I just couldn’t believe it was true. It seems like something out of a dream or a fairy tail. The story goes like this Mrs. de Florian a “demimondaine” (a women supported by a wealthy lover) who owned the flat, left for the South of France before WWII and never returned. She passed away this year at the age of 91, ¬†when her flat in France was discovered, the rent faithfully paid for 70 years. It was as if time had stood still since 1900. In the flat was a painting of her grandmother, the muse of the famous painter Giovanni Boldini. The painting recently sold at auction for $3 million dollars. Oh I just love stories like this, (more…)